Historic 12th Century Fortified English Castle

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Maison 3500 m² - 20 Pièces - Chalus (87230)

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Description de l'offre

This chateau was built in 1179 and is one of only 4 castles from that epoque in France with a special history relating to the Crusades and King Richard the Lionheart. It is situated in Limousin region of France in the Haute-Vienne.Richard the Lionheart was mortally wounded at nearby Chalus and it has been reported that he died here and part of his body is buried in the grounds. The property is being sold fully furnished and equipped.This estate of 165 hectares of land has several houses, barns and a tavern, it has 4 lakes, a river and various wells. The tavern is fully functional and open to the public. It serves tourists as well as the locals in the surrounding area for food and drink. The restaurant has a capacity for more than 100 people inside for dinner or lunch. Outside there are two terraces with a capacity for over 200 people. It has a parking area and a large barn for multifunctional use.The castle itself has been completely renovated to the standard of modern living without damaging the authenticity of its history; it has satellite services, a central heating system and electricity, computer facilities, a modern kitchen in a rustic style, and most of the rooms have their own hot shower rooms. The living space contains a great hall, a chapel, offices, music room, master bedroom, 15 guest bedrooms, dining room, large salon, cinema , library, billiard room, conference room, office, jacuzzi, sauna, staff rooms and more. A total of approximately 3500 square metres of living space. There is a great hall, which can be used for many occasions. It can, for example, serve approximately 100 persons for a gala-dinner or as many as 200 as an audience for recitals or house concerts.Next to the great hall there is a dining room which is designed to seat 26 for dinner and is served with a side kitchen (connected to the main kitchen downstairs) next to it facilitating the personnel to serve and to clear the table.The kitchen is fully modern, equipped with the potential to serve more than 100 people. It has been designed with a cozy atmosphere so it can equally host an intimate family dinner too. It also has a cool-room. From the kitchen there is alift going up to the side kitchen and the main dining room. The Castle contains office areas. There is a round conference table all equipped for digital presentations. The master bedroom is equipped with an extra-large bed with a built-in flat screen TV. It has its own bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a sauna. Above this room there is a private dining room with a kitchenette giving access to a terrace on the roof of the castle. All rooms were restored in the late 1990's based on careful studies of the period when the castle was built. With the intention of private use, the castle caters for all modern conveniences such as under-floor heating, hot water, cascading showers, and electricity.Over the years the property has attracted the attention of many famous people including in recent years Brad Pitt, and others.A great solution for someone looking for private residence or business interest- this offers both, and this castle is arguably amongst the top ten of most historic properties in France 

Descriptif du bien

Ville Chalus (87230)

Surface habitable (m²) 3 500 m²

Nombre de chambre(s) 12

Nombre de pièces 20

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La ville de Chalus (87230)

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